We offer the HIGHEST QUALITY non-coloured, kitchen stained glass inserts in the industry.
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  • True Copper Foil Technique
SAMPLE DESIGNS (click on the arrows to scroll)
  • Da Vinci
    Glass: 100V
    Baroque Clear
  • Apollo
    Glass: 100A
  • Rio
    Glass: 100 Seedy
    Baroque Clear
  • Melrose
    White Baroque
    Baroque Clear
  • Art & Crafts
    Glass: 100GG
  • Chester
    Glass: 100V, Seedy
    Capucion: 100mm
  • Firenze
    Glass: Baroque Clear
    Jewel 25mm
  • Classico
    Class: Baroque
    Baroque Clear
  • Savannah
    Glass: Baroque Clear
    Capucion: 15mm
  • Astoria
    Glass: 100RW, 100GG
    Bevel: 28x70mm
  • Diamond
    Glass: 100 Seedy Baroque Clear
    Jewel: 35mm
  • Venezzia
    Glass: Baroque Clear
    Capucion: 15mm
  • Aurora
    Glass: Baroque Clear
    Jewel: 25mm
  • Traditional
    Glass: 100GG Baroque Clear
    Bevel: 51x51mm
"The new glass inserts in the kitchen look absolutely fantastic! All my friends are asking where I got them done and my mom is planning to put the same ones in her kitchen. Fantastic work!"
Jamie Finch, New York
"I am very impressed with the quality of Casa Loma’s work and customer service. From helping us choose the design through installation they were extremely professional, courteous and very skilled at their work. Highly recommended. "
Olivia Lin, Toronto
"Thank you for this absolutely beatiful work. Our kitchen looks really refined now and everyone wants to know where we got these cabinets!"
Taylor White, Los Angeles
2011 Casa Loma