1) What is "Tiffany Style" art glass?


- The "Tiffany Style" art glass refers to the technique used to create a glass design.  The method is known as copper foil, and it yields a stronger product and allows for more complicated designs over the traditional leaded glass.


2) How is Casa Loma Art Glass made?


- Each order is custom hand crafted using the copper foil technique.  Our designers produce a paper template of the life size design, based on the dimensions provided, while keeping the design to scale.  The glass is then transposed over the paper template, and each peace is individually cut out, sanded with a diamond bit to smooth out the edges, and wrapped in copper foil.  All the peaces are then joined together using soldering process to form the overall design.


3) What is the lead time on glass orders?


- Typically, the orders are fulfilled and delivered in 2-3 weeks from submission date.


4) How do I properly measure cabinet doors for glass panels?


- You need to measure your rough opening.  Open the cabinet door and take three measurements of the width of the cabinet door's step opening: one at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom. Repeat this process for the height of the cabinet door's step opening. Write down the largest measurement for the width and the height, then subtract 1/8" (3mm.) from each measurement to get the proper glass panel size.


5) Can the order be changed or cancelled after it is placed?


- Due to the custom nature of the order, it cannot be changed or cancelled, after fully submitted.


6) Will the glass texture look exactly as shown on the website chart?


- You may see a slight variation in the glass texture due to the nature of how the glass is fabricated.

7) Can I use Casa Loma Art Glass for anything other than cabinet panels?


- Absolutely!  There are many applications for our designed glass, and while the cabinet panels are the most commonly used option, the possibilities are endless.  Some other examples include (but are not limited to) interior door inserts, wall murals, sky lights, transoms(fanlights), and many more.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions!

"The new glass inserts in the kitchen look absolutely fantastic! All my friends are asking where I got them done and my mom is planning to put the same ones in her kitchen. Fantastic work!"
Jamie Finch, New York
"I am very impressed with the quality of Casa Loma’s work and customer service. From helping us choose the design through installation they were extremely professional, courteous and very skilled at their work. Highly recommended. "
Olivia Lin, Toronto
"Thank you for this absolutely beatiful work. Our kitchen looks really refined now and everyone wants to know where we got these cabinets!"
Taylor White, Los Angeles
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